Best Companies to Work for in Singapore (2020)


What do you look for in your ideal company?

High salaries and bonuses?

Perks and benefits?

Work-life balance?

The companies in these lists offer these – and more.

Here are the best companies to work for in Singapore, based on feedback from employees working there!

Read on to see what they have to say:

Best Places to Work Singapore: Employees’ Choice (Glassdoor)

According to Glassdoor’s inaugural 2020 edition of ‘Best Places to Work in Singapore’, these are the top 10 companies:

Rank Company
#1 Google
#2 Facebook
#3 Shell
#4 Amazon
#5 Microsoft
#6 Visa Inc.
#7 AIA
#8 HubSpot
#9 J.P. Morgan
#10 HP Inc.


About Glassdoor’s top companies in Singapore list

Glassdoor Singapore’s list is compiled based on anonymous employee feedback on companies.

Reviews take into account multiple factors influencing employees’ quality of work, including career opportunities, compensation, senior management and culture and values.

It’s interesting that these top 10 companies are international MNCs in Singapore. Granted, companies had to have over 1,000 employees to be eligible for the list in the first place

Glassdoor Singapore also highlights the trend of companies – big name companies in Singapore and around the world – placing increasing emphasis on culture and inclusivity, as a defining trend for the next decade.

Here’s what Glassdoor president and COO Christian Sutherland-Wong has to say of the new culture-first decade:

“In today’s age of workplace transparency, the mission, culture and values of a company are crucial when it comes to employers’ ability to recruit and retain top talent.”

What defines these firms as the best companies to work for in Singapore?

Their employees have this to say:


1. Google

Source: Tech in Asia


Here’s what Googlers love about their workplace:

  • “[Management has] clear goals”
  • “Friendly working environment”
  • “Employees are empowered”
  • “Open, collaborative, satisfying, joyful experience”

An Account Manager also shared about “amazing perks,” with “very people-oriented, supportive managers.” Overall, there is a “great company culture with very good benefits. Lots of focus on personal development and many opportunities for career progression.”

Find jobs at Google Singapore here: Google Careers Singapore

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2. Facebook

Source: Vulcan Post


Here’s how Facebook employees describe their work environment:

  • “There is lots of room for employees to grow”
  • “Great autonomy and people-centric culture”
  • “Steep learning curve. Great compensation”
  • “Ability to impact the future of technology”

A Researcher with Facebook for 4 years shared:

“…this is the company I loved the most in my career experience. Lots of work life balance, freedom to experiment in my role. Never micromanaging… [I] really really love working here.”

Find jobs at Facebook Singapore here: Facebook Careers Singapore

On a related note – here’s the stellar Cover Letter one of our clients used to land an interview at Facebook.

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3. Shell

Source: Shell Group


Here’s what Shell employees have to say about their company:

  • “Employee-oriented company”
  • “Competitive compensations”
  • “Great bonus and add-on benefits”
  • “[Shell is a] company that cares about safety”
  • ”Great projects, large complex opportunities, white canvas to shape large impact”

A Product Manager shared:

“…culture is forgiving and very open. Everyone is willing to help, conversations with bosses are transparent, accountability is given early.”

Start your Shell Singapore career here: Shell Careers Singapore

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4. Amazon

Source: Glassdoor Singapore


Here’s how Amazon employees describe their work environment:

  • “Absolute customer focus. Get it done mindset. Open to trying new things”
  • “Tons of opportunities for professional development”
  • “Lots of chances to grow and learn. Colleagues are very friendly and helpful”
  • “A lot of time and resources are thrown at learning. A lot of smart and motivated people are pushing the bar high at times – the products (AWS) are really leading globally and it is awesome”

An Enterprise Services Manager at Amazon sums this up:

“[Amazon offers an] incredible learning opportunity and collaborative work environment. [You are] surrounded by smart people and have limitless possibilities with the customers.”

Find Amazon Singapore jobs here: Amazon Careers Singapore

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5. Microsoft

Source: FITCH Singapore


Here’s what Microsoft employees love about their company:

  • “Amazing place for people who love working in teams”
  • “Highly dynamic environment with fast-evolving technology”
  • “Great culture with supportive people”
  • “Growth mindset and a culture of innovation”

A Delivery Manager shares that at Microsoft:

“you get to work with amazing and smart folks. There’s an open and inclusive environment. You have amazing access to technology and learning opportunities.”

Find jobs at Microsoft Singapore here: Microsoft Careers Singapore

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6. Visa Inc.

Source: Glassdoor Singapore


Here’s what Visa employees have to say about their company:

  • “Great people with a lot of knowledge”
  • “Incredibly intelligent people”
  • “Good benefits and compensation, with good number of leaves and medical coverage”
  • “Great mentors, colleagues and interesting time to be in payments”

A Senior Business Analyst shares that:

“Visa provides you with international business experience regardless of the team you work for. It’s a very open company culture with an increased focus on eliminating silos across business functions.”

Find jobs at Visa Singapore here: Visa Careers Singapore

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7. AIA

Source: Steven Leach Group


Here’s what AIA employees shared about their workplace:

  • “Flexible working hours”
  • “Good training and sales support.”
  • “Positive working culture with friendly and helpful management”
  • “Firm has a willingness to embrace and adapt to changes”

A Tech Lead shares that AIA has a:

“cool tech stack. Nice boss who I learnt a lot from. Open, transparent and pushes for Agile. Convenient location. Good benefits.”

Find jobs at AIA here: AIA Careers Singapore

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8. HubSpot

Source: Marketing Interactive


Here’s what HubSpot employees love about their company:

  • “Leadership focuses a lot on employee development”
  • “Salaries are above market standards”
  • “HubSpot has one of the best medical plans which does not require a health screening to be eligible.”
  • “Majority of my colleagues are wonderful people and many of us have formed great friendships due to the culture of the office. We have team-bonding outings and activities, some sponsored by the company and some by our manager/team budget.”
  • “We have a well stocked pantry with snacks, ice cream, fruits, drinks, cold brew coffee, cold brew tea and even beer – all for free!”

A Customer Support Specialist shares:

“HubSpot values learning and growing – and it practices what it preaches. As a HubSpotter, I have always felt like my job was being valued. Additionally, It’s surprising to see how the leadership focuses a lot on the personal development of all employees, and I see myself growing as much as I want to in HubSpot. Never want to leave this place!”

Find jobs at HubSpot Singapore here: HubSpot Careers Singapore

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9. J.P. Morgan

Source: Glassdoor Singapore


Here’s what J.P. Morgan employees have to say about their company:

  • “The firm offers a lot of opportunities for employees of all levels to progress or to learn new skills or products”
  • “Great opportunities for networking or connecting”
  • “Flexible to move teams with the firm”
  • “Great culture in the firm as many people are willing to help each other and there are many firm events to participate in”

A Vice President shares that J.P. Morgan has “high caliber employees”, and is a “competitive, inspiring and inclusive workplace.”

Find jobs at J.P. Morgan Singapore here: J.P. Morgan Careers Singapore

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10. HP Inc.

Source: Tech in Asia


Hear what HP Inc. employees have to say about their work environment:

  • “Good work-life balance for employees”
  • “Strong people-oriented culture with trust and respect in place”
  • “No politics!”
  • “Good travel opportunities if you like that”

An Engineer describes his experience:

“HP’s work culture is great! People are supportive of one another and take the time to teach others. With extensive IP around microfluidics and best in class innovation in personal systems, we also have a strong business outlook beyond print and PCs.”

Start your HP Singapore career here: HP Careers Singapore

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It’s interesting that most of the firms that made the list are tech companies. Do these companies appeal to you? Thinking of applying for a job here?

Be warned – ALL these top companies are highly competitive.

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Singapore’s Best Employers 2020 survey (The Straits Times and Statista)

Here’s another list of top companies to work for in Singapore, from a survey jointly conducted by The Straits Times and Statista.

The Singapore Best Employers 2020 Survey was conducted in August and September 2019 to a sample over 8,000 employees.

The top 10 companies are listed below:

Rank Company
#1 Uniqlo
#2 Adidas Singapore
#3 Google
#4 Amazon
#5 BP
#6 Healthway Medical Group
#7 Singapore American School
#8 AT&T
#9 Applied Materials
#10 Bangkok Bank Singapore


About The Straits Times and Statista’s top companies in Singapore list

Respondents were asked if they would recommend their own employer to a friend or family member. They were also asked if there are other employers in their industries that they would or would not recommend.

In addition, they were surveyed on how they felt about various aspects of their jobs.

This includes whether they are proud of the product or service their company offers, if the company pays a good salary, and whether men and women have the same opportunities for advancement.

Like the Glassdoor results, the top positions are held by international firms.

Firms with at least 200 employees were eligible to be added to the list.

Curious if your company made the list? Here’s the full list of 150 companies here.

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