2022 Salary Guide: IT

January 03, 2022

SG Salary Guide IT

Want to advance your IT career? Here’s what you need to know:

Hot Jobs for 2022 in Singapore

This year, hiring managers are looking out for:

IT product engineering

  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Software engineers
  • UI/UX developers
  • Full-stack engineers (Go, Ruby, JavaScript)
  • Java engineers
  • Data engineers (with SQL and Python qualifications)

IT infrastructure

  • Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps managers
  • Network engineers to manage core infrastructure

Emerging Skills & Hiring Trends

IT product engineering

  • Are you proficient in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence? There’ll be more job openings available for you
  • There’s also high demand for product engineers in different sectors, including Fintech

IT infrastructure

  • Pursuing roles in core tech infrastructure? You should be well-versed with scripting and automation
  • There’s growing demand for IT professionals with Cloud management and DevOps skills
  • Practical experience will give you an advantage – have you directly applied your knowledge in a production setting?

Singapore Average Salary: IT

This is the average annual salary in Singapore for IT jobs:

Cyber Security, Governance and Audit in Innovation & Technology

Job TitleManager/AVP (5-10 years)Senior/Manager/VP (10-15 years)Director (15-20 years) / CxO (18-25 years)
Cyber Security Operation$90,000-$120,000$120,000-$200,000$200,000-$300,000+
Cyber Security Specialist$90,000-$120,000$120,000-$240,000$240,000-$300,000+
Cyber Security Engineering$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$240,000$240,000-$300,000+
Information Security$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$240,000$240,000-$300,000+
Technology Risk & Governance$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$240,000$240,000-$350,000+
IT Audit$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$230,000$200,000-$350,000+
IT Security$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$180,000$180,000-$350,000+
Security Project / Program Manager$70,000-$120,000$120,000-$200,000$200,000-$350,000+

Sales & Pre-sales Salaries – Vendor, System Integrator, Fintech & Telecommunications

style="background-color: #000000; text-align: center;">style=”background-color: #000000; text-align: center;”Sr. Director (15-20 years) / GM/VP/MD/CxO (20+ years)
Job TitleRepresentative/Consultant (3-8 years)Manager/Director (10-15 years)
Inside Sales$120,000-$180,000$180,000-$300,000$300,000-$450,000+
Business Development$120,000-$250,000$250,000-$350,000$350,000-$450,000+
Direct Sales$100,000-$250,000$250,000-$350,000$350,000-$550,000+
Channel Sales$120,000-$180,000$180,000-$300,000$300,000-$500,000+
Account Management$90,000-$200,000$200,000-$300,000$300,000-$400,000+
Pre Sales (Fintech)$150,000-$180,000$175,000-$220,000$250,000-$500,000+
Solution Architect / Pre Sales$150,000-$250,000$250,000-$350,000$350,000-$450,000+

IT Product & Engineering Salaries in Technology, Telecommunications & Fintech

Job TitleSpecialistSenior SpecialistManager/Senior Manager/VP/Director & Above
Software Engineering, Front End$60,000-$78,000$78,000-$126,000$126,000-$170,000+
Software Engineering, Back End$80,000-$95,000$95,000-$114,000$114,000-$160,000+
Software Engineering, Full Stack$80,000-$95,000$95,000-$114,000$114,000-$160,000+
Mobile Engineering (Android / iOS)$60,000-$75,000$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000+
Quality Assurance / Testing$60,000-$80,000$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$170,000+
UI / UX$50,000-$80,000$90,000-$140,000$120,000-$180,000+
Product Management$60,000-$90,000$90,000-$140,000$120,000-$200,000+
Business Intelligence / Data Engineering$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+
Data Science / Artificial Intelligence$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+

IT Product & Engineering Salaries in Banking & Financial Services

Job TitleAnalyst/Senior AnalystAVPVP, Director/Managing Director
Software Engineering, Front End$40,000-$85,000$85,000-$150,000$140,000-$240,000+
Software Engineering, Back End$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+
Software Engineering, Full Stack$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+
Quality Assurance / Testing$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+
UI / UX$40,000-$85,000$85,000-$150,000$140,000-$240,000+
Business Intelligence / Data Engineering$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+
Data Science / Artificial Intelligence$40,000-$90,000$90,000-$170,000$140,000-$240,000+

Infrastructure Salaries in Technology, Telecommunications & Fintech

Job TitleJunior (3 – 5 years)Mid (5 – 10 years)Senior (10+ years) / VP Director
Data Centre$50,000-$70,000$70,000-$120,000$150,000-$250,000+
End-User Computing (Desktop / Messaging / Collaboration)$50,000-$70,000$70,000-$120,000$150,000-$250,000+
Network (Data / Voice / Firewall)$50,000-$70,000$70,000-$120,000$150,000-$250,000+
Project Management$50,000-$70,000$70,000-$120,000$150,000-$250,000+
Servers (Unix / Linux / Wintel)$50,000-$70,000$70,000-$120,000$150,000-$250,000+

Infrastructure Salaries in Financial Services

Job TitleAnalystAssociate / AVP / ManagerVP / SVP / Director
End-User Computing (Desktop / Messaging / Collaboration)$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$250,000+
Network (Data / Voice / Firewall)$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$250,000+
Servers (Unix / Linus / WIntel)$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$250,000+
Data Centre$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$250,000+
Cloud Engineer / Architect$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$250,000+
Infrastructure Project Management$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$250,000+
Technical Infrastructure Architecture$120,000-$180,000$180,000-$250,000+
ITIL Process Owner (Incident / Problem / Change/ etc.)$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000+$150,000-$250,000+

Development and Testing Salaries in Financial Services

Job TitleAnalystAssociate / AVP / ManagerVP / SVP / Director
C++ Developer$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+
Java Developer (Server side & Front End)$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+
C#/ .net Developer (Server side & Front End)$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+
Full Stack Engineer/Developer$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+
Technical Lead$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+
Automation Engineer$65,000-$90,000$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$180,000+
QA Tester$65,000-$90,000$80,000-$120,000$120,000-$180,000+
Development Lead/Manager$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+
Head of Development$65,000-$90,000$90,000-$150,000$150,000-$200,000+

Application Support Salaries in Financial Services

Job TitleAnalystAVPVP / Director
Level 1 / 2 Technical Support$60,000-$90,000$90,000-$130,000$130,000-$160,000+
Level 3 Technical Support$70,000-$100,000$100,000-$130,000$130,000-$180,000+
Application Support (BO / MO)$60,000-$90,000$90,000-$110,000$110,000-$160,000+
Trader Support (FO) (Application)$75,000-$100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000-$280,000+
Application Support Vendor Management$200,000-$300,000+
Head of Application Support (FO)$150,000-$350,000+

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