How to Get a Job at – 5 Questions with a Hiring Manager

February 22, 2023 is Singapore’s fastest growing property portal, covering the rent and sale of houses, condominiums, apartments and HDBs all across Singapore.

Sound like someone you’d like to work for?

As part of our new interview series ‘5 Questions with a Hiring Manager’, we spoke with Gail Lau, Regional Talent Acquisition Partner at and found out the key things you need to know to land a job with!

What are the roles you hire for, and how often?

The team is currently expanding and we are hiring across many functions. For the past few months as we’ve scaled up we’ve focused on product/engineering and marketing roles.

Some of the roles that we’ve been hiring pretty often every quarter: engineers (Backend/Frontend/Mobile), marketing specialists (Digital/Brand) and finance executives.

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What are the top 3 things you look for in a candidate, and why

The Top 3 things that we look for in every candidate are what every 99’er has!

Being relentless, resourceful and having a secret superpower.

What do you not like to see in a job applicant?

When applicants are only here for the glitz and the glamour of startups and tech companies.

Some applicants have sparkly eyes behind rose-tinted glasses, thinking that it’s going to be fun, fresh and exciting 24/7.

There are going to be tough days too and a lot of hard work.

How do you feel about cover letters?

Be it a long email introduction or a cover letter, it makes a whole world of difference when it’s personalized.

We have received some great ones where we feel the authenticity and a buzz of excitement that can never be forgotten.

And oh yes, we know when it’s personally written. 😉

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What 1 question do you wish we’d asked that we haven’t, and how would you answer it?

“What’s so special about” – Property is the single largest financial decision anyone makes in their lifetime, and, on average, it accounts for over half the assets of most families. It’s how most people accumulate wealth; for their children, for healthcare, for retirement. More importantly, it’s also a place where you can return to, keep your loved ones close, grow a family and build careers.

Our 99’ers help to make that property search journey reliable, easy and trustworthy! Housed at Blk71 lies a team of dedicated, talented individuals working collectively and committedly to build powerful products and services for our users to love and rely on. This is how we scale impact, to impact at scale.

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