2024 Salary Guide: Marketing

February 28, 2023

Marketing as a career path has become extremely popular, especially within the digital sector as brands look to grow their online presence. Want to advance your Marketing career? Here’s what you need to know:

Hot Marketing Jobs for 2024 in Singapore

There are various roles across the marketing department, and the average monthly salary can vary a lot. This year, hiring managers are looking out for:

  • Sales / Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Content & SEO marketing
  • E-Commerce management

Emerging Skills & Hiring Trends

  • Diversify your proficiencies! New marketing tools and platforms are rapidly emerging and evolving. There’s a need for marketers to level up their digital marketing skill sets.
  • SEO and content marketing are particularly valuable skill sets, as they can help run marketing campaigns.

Singapore Average Salary: Marketing

This is the average salary in Singapore for Marketing jobs:

Job Title Average Annual Salary (SGD)
Regional Head of Marketing / Director / Executive Director $290,000
Head of Marketing / VP / SVP $180,000
Marketing Manager / AVP $120,000
Marketing Associate $90,000


Job Title Average Annual Salary (SGD)
Vice-President / President / CxO $420,000
Associate Director / Director $260,000
Head of Marketing / Communications $170,000
Marketing Manager / Senior Manager $120,000

Digital Marketing

Job Title Average Annual Salary (SGD)
Digital Marketing Director $235,000
Digital Manager / Senior Manager $140,000
SEO Director / Lead $160,000
SEO Manager $125,000
Head of Content / Director $180,000
Content Strategist $95,000
E-Commerce VP / Director $270,000
E-Commerce Manager / Senior Manager $130,000

Marketing (Consumer Goods)

Job Title Average Annual Salary (SGD)
Marketing Director / Senior Director $320,000
Associate Marketing Director $200,000
Marketing Manager $150,000
Brand Manager / Senior Manager $120,000
Trade Marketing Director $160,000
Trade Marketing Manager $120,000
Digital Marketing Manager $120,000

Marketing (Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices)

Job Title Average Annual Salary (SGD)
Marketing Director / Senior Director $270,000
Associate Marketing Director $190,000
Marketing Manager $125,000
Product Manager / Senior Manager $90,000

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