4 Day Work Week in Singapore: Companies, Rules & Advantages

January 03, 2024

4 day work week

The traditional five-day work week has long been the norm in Singapore, mirroring the global standard. However, in recent years, there has been growing interest in the concept of a 4 day work week. 

This article explores the possibility of a 4 day work week in Singapore, delving into the companies that have adopted it, the benefits and advantages, as well as the additional rules and frequently asked questions surrounding this alternative work schedule.

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Is “4 Day Work Week” Possible in Singapore?

The idea of a 4 day work week is not a new concept, but its feasibility in Singapore requires careful consideration. To begin with, it is essential to look at government policies and regulations related to working hours. 

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore is the primary authority governing labor laws and regulations. As of January 2022, Singapore has yet to officially adopt a nationwide 4 day work week policy.

However, it is crucial to note that the MOM does promote flexible work arrangements and recognizes the importance of work-life balance. Employers are encouraged to explore alternative work arrangements such as compressed work weeks or flexi-time arrangements. 

The good news is, following a recent 2022 Ministry of Manpower report, the number of firms that offered scheduled flexible work practices remained significantly higher at 71.4% compared to the pre-COVID period of 52.7% in 2019.

The numbers are expected to increase. Among firms that provided flexible practices, only a minority of 16.2% indicated they were not likely to continue to do so in the next 12 months. 

These measures indicate that Singapore is open to the idea of adapting work schedules to better suit the needs of employees while maintaining economic productivity.

Companies Offering 4 Day Work Week in Singapore

4 day work week

Despite the absence of a nationwide mandate for a 4 day work week, some forward-thinking companies in Singapore have taken the initiative to implement this alternative work arrangement. 

Minister of State for Manpower Gan Siow Huang stated that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and its partners “strongly encourage employers and employees to be open to flexible work arrangements.”

These companies recognize the potential benefits of a 4 day work week for both their employees and the organization as a whole.

1. Lazywaist Co

Lazywaist Co is a Singapore-based wellness and lifestyle company that specializes in promoting healthy living and fitness. They offer a wide range of products and services, including fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, and wellness programs. Their 4 day work week initiative is aimed to reduce stress levels, promote a healthier work-life balance, and boost overall employee satisfaction.

2. DP Dental

DP Dental is a leading dental clinic in Singapore, providing a comprehensive range of dental services, including general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. They are committed to delivering high-quality dental care. DP Dental introduced a 4 day work week to enhance the work-life balance of their staff, recognizing the importance of a rested and motivated workforce in the healthcare industry. This initiative aimed to reduce burnout among dental professionals.

3. The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a renowned education center in Singapore that specializes in academic enrichment programs for students. They offer a wide range of courses aimed at helping students excel in their studies and personal development. The 4 day work week approach acknowledges that educators and support staff often work long hours and benefit from a more balanced schedule.

4. PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru is a leading online property portal in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. They provide real estate listings, market insights, and digital solutions to property buyers, sellers, and agents. PropertyGuru embraced a 4 day work week as part of their commitment to employee satisfaction and work-life balance. This move reflects their recognition of the importance of a balanced lifestyle in a competitive industry.

5. Commonwealth Kokubu Logistics

Commonwealth Kokubu Logistics is a logistics and supply chain solutions provider in Singapore. They offer a wide range of services, including warehousing, distribution, and transportation solutions. Commonwealth Kokubu Logistics implemented a 4 day work week for some of the job positions to improve the work-life balance of their logistics professionals, who often work in demanding and fast-paced environments. 

6. Sight Pte Ltd

Sight Pte Ltd is a technology company in Singapore that specializes in developing innovative solutions for the visual and augmented reality (AR) industry. They create cutting-edge AR applications and experiences. Sight Pte Ltd introduced a 4 day work week to promote creativity and innovation among their tech-savvy workforce. This approach allows employees more time for research and development, contributing to the company’s technological advancements.

7. The Supreme HR Advisory Pte Ltd

Supreme HR Advisory Pte Ltd is a human resources and recruitment consultancy firm in Singapore. They provide a wide range of HR solutions, including talent acquisition, training, and advisory services. The Supreme HR Advisory Pte Ltd adopted a 4 day work week for some of the employees to improve the work-life balance of their HR professionals. This initiative recognizes the importance of rest and relaxation in a field that often involves high-pressure situations and tight deadlines.

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Benefits and Advantages of 4 Day Work Week in Singapore

According to a survey by Indeed, about 88%, or 4 out of 5 Singaporean employees, endorsed the push for a 4 day work week with the same pay.

With this many approvals, let’s examine the benefits and advantages of this alternative work schedule:

  1. Improved Work-Life Balance: One of the primary benefits of a 4 day work week is the potential for better work-life balance. Employees have an extra day off each week, allowing them to spend more time with family and engage in personal activities.
  2. Increased Productivity: Contrary to what one might expect, a shorter work week can lead to increased productivity. With fewer days at the office, employees tend to be more focused and efficient during their work hours, knowing they have less time to complete tasks.
  3. Reduced Stress and Burnout: A 4 day work week can help reduce stress and prevent burnout, which is a growing concern in the modern workplace. Employees have more time to recharge and relax, leading to better mental and emotional well-being.
  4. Attracting Talent: Offering a 4 day work week can make companies more attractive to potential employees. It can be a unique selling point in a competitive job market, helping organizations attract top talent.
  5. Environmental Benefits: Fewer days commuting to work can lead to a reduction in carbon emissions, contributing to a company’s sustainability efforts.

Additional Rules & FAQ

As of the latest updates, there were no specific government regulations regarding a 4 day work week in Singapore. However, companies that wish to implement such a policy should consider the following guidelines:

  1. Consult with Employees: Before implementing a 4 day work week, companies should consult with their employees and gather feedback. Ensuring that the arrangement suits the needs and preferences of the workforce is essential.
  2. Clear Communication: Employers should communicate the details of the 4 day work week clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. This includes specifying the work hours, days off, and expectations regarding productivity.
  3. Legal Compliance: Companies must ensure that they comply with all labor laws and regulations when implementing a 4 day work week. This includes adhering to wage and hour laws and any collective bargaining agreements that may apply.
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly monitor and evaluate the impact of the 4 day work week on both employees and the organization. Be open to making adjustments if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are employees paid less for working a 4 day work week in Singapore?

It depends on the company’s policy. Some companies pay employees the same salary for a 4 day work week, while others may offer reduced pay. It’s essential to clarify this with your employer.

Can all companies in Singapore implement a 4 day work week?

While there are no specific restrictions, the feasibility of a 4 day work week may vary depending on the nature of the business and the industry. Some businesses, particularly those with 24/7 operations, may find it challenging to implement.

How can employees negotiate for a 4 day work week?

Employees interested in a 4 day work week should discuss this with their employers and demonstrate how it can benefit both parties. Flexibility and a willingness to maintain productivity are key.

In Closing

While the concept of a 4 day work week is not yet the norm in Singapore, some innovative companies have taken the initiative to offer this alternative work arrangement. 

The benefits, such as improved work-life balance and increased productivity, make it an attractive option for both employees and employers. 

As attitudes toward work continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see if more companies in Singapore adopt the 4 day work week in the future, making it a viable option for a broader range of industries and workers.

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Diane Wong