5 Questions To Ask Before Accepting Any Job Offer

When you’re given an offer to join a company, do you accept it immediately? Or do you dig deeper to find out if the offer is the right one for YOU?

Most candidates I’ve worked with will always take the best paying offer, without considering other factors.

I think that’s a mistake.

Here are 5 questions you should ask before accepting the offer:

1. Will I be required to check messages after office hours?

Some companies, especially in finance and tech, need their employees to be ready to respond to emergencies at all hours.

This is fine as long as you’re aware of the need before joining the firm. Check in to make sure expectations are managed. If you’re a parent with a new born child, this probably isn’t the role for you.

2. What is the work scope? Does the job title accurately reflect that?

Oh late, I’ve noticed companies using job titles in very manipulative ways.

Some firms use inflated job titles to attract young, ambitious, executives. The use titles like “Manager” or “Director”. Unfortunately, upon joining, they find that they’re only managing and directing an army of 1 – themselves!

Other firms deflate job titles, to make sure their employees don’t get poached elsewhere. I know one private equity firm that has 8 levels of Associates (each with differing pay scales).

3. How will my performance be measured? What will “success” look like?

This is related to #2, and more critical. Understand what your deliverables are. That way, you’ll know what you should be focusing on.

One recent client of mine had a job title of “Head of Sales”. Unfortunately he was working with cross functional teams (marketing, merchandising, inventory management) who all had different KPIs from his own.

No one wanted to cooperate as it would have resulted in their own KPI decreasing. He was caught in the middle, unable to make changes. It was mission impossible.

Thankfully, after much negotiations with his senior management, he got new KPIs which were attainable under his jurisdiction of control.

Be clear on your KPIs before you start. It’ll allow you to start performing well, quicker!

4. How often are employee review session done? Do you have a feedback structure?

It’s so important to find companies who invest in their employees. A sure sign of this is when companies have a clear review system, to help employees get constructive feedback, allowing them to improve.

5. Is your supervisor someone you can learn from, and who can and will help you grow?

Jack Ma often speak about the 3 stages of a career

Between the ages of 30 and 40, go to the company with the best boss. A good boss is like a second father or mother. They’ll nurture you to fulfil your maximum potential.

Bonus: Can I speak to other people in this team? (take them out for coffee)

The interview process is often plastic. Companies hide their darkest skeletons, showing you only whats glossy and beautiful.

If you’re confident, try asking the other members of your new team out for coffee. It’ll give you remarkable insight into the culture of the company, and what kinds of challenges you’ll face.

Work takes up 70% of our waking ours. Choose the people you’ll be working with wisely. It’ll make a massive difference to your happiness.

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