The Best Job Sites & Portals in Singapore (2024)

April 10, 2023

Hundreds of CVs are submitted to job search sites and top job portals every day. Before you make any submissions, it’s important that your CV is up to the mark!

Unsure about your CV and/or Cover Letter? Read our guides on how to write a winning Resume and killer Cover Letter. These contain step-by-step pointers and downloadable samples you can steal inspiration from, to ensure your application stands out!

If you’re still struggling with your CV then, approach our experts for help. We’re happy to provide free feedback on your CV, and share actionable tips you can follow to improve them.

Top 15 Job Search Sites in Singapore

  1. GrabJobs
  2. Careers@Gov
  3. Cultjobs
  4. eFinancialCareers
  5. FastJobs
  6. Glassdoor
  7. InternSG
  8. JobsDB
  9. JobStreet
  10. LinkedIn
  11. Foundit
  12. MyCareersFuture
  13. StartUp Jobs
  14. TalentTribe
  15. Tech in Asia
  16. Wanted
  18. Snaphunt
  19. GradSingapore
  20. WorkClass
  21. Indeed

Scroll down to explore, or browse by category:

GeneralNicheMillennial / Gen Z
Careers@Gov (Government)
Cultjobs (Creative)
StartUpJobs Asia (Start up)
Tech in Asia (Tech)
eFinancialCareers (Finance)
FastJobs (Non-executive)



Is the grind of job searching overwhelming you? Then make your job search easier with GrabJobs.

Did you know job seekers spend 11 hours a week searching for jobs on average? Not to mention most of the applications are filtered out by systems.

If you’re tired of being filter out by companies then GrabJobs is your job site. They use AI-driven matching algorithms to help users find jobs that closely align with their profiles, reducing the time spent on searching.

Perfect for both job seekers who are looking for quick and relevant job matches, and employers who want to optimize their recruitment process.

What we like about GrabJobs:

  • It’s fully automated system of both the job search and recruitment process ensures a perfect match. You no longer have to worry about how your skills relate to the job placement.

Visit GrabJobs



Keen to join Singapore’s public service? Look no further. Careers@Gov is THE – and in fact only – job portal for that purpose.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, you must register with Careers@Gov to apply for a public service job.

All government job applications are submitted through this site. However, do expect some waiting time before you get a response on your application.

What we like about Careers@Gov:

  • It’s the only job portal that’s fully focused on public service jobs. You can filter jobs by various government agencies, role type, and fields of work.

Visit Careers@Gov


Do you work in design, marketing, content, PR, advertising, and related fields? Cultjobs is the site for you.

It’s the only job portal that’s wholly dedicated to the creative community in Singapore. That includes both creative/arts professions, as well as roles of a more business nature (admin, IT, client servicing) within companies in creative fields.

What we like about Cultjobs:

  • As a job hub for creatives, it’s no surprise that it has a clean and user-friendly design! Its job board makes it easy to navigate and discover roles in smaller and more niche companies.
  • You can get free email alerts, and upload your own profile (still in beta) to the site.

Visit Cultjobs


eFinancialCareers Singapore

If you’re a finance professional, or planning to enter the financial industry, then eFinancialCareers is your portal of choice.

A niche site for finance, financial technology and financial services fields, this portal provides a good variety of job listings for senior positions too.

What we like about eFinancialCareers:

  • Dedicated job site for finance fields, with a sizable amount of listings. It details extensive information on different roles available in the market.
  • You can set up email job alerts for specific finance roles!

Explore our Resume and Cover Letter examples for the banking and finance sector.

Visit eFinancialCareers.


FastJobs Singapore

If you need a job pronto, this one’s for you!

FastJobs connects job seekers to non-executive roles, across categories such as customer service, administrative, delivery drivers/riders, warehouse and logistics, sales and retail, and more.

What we like about FastJobs:

  • Receive quick updates on your phone for jobs of your preference, or near your location.
  • Multilingual interface – option to use the Chinese version of the app if you’re comfortable with the language.
  • Download the FastJobs mobile app to connect with employers quickly and easily. You can register for an account, create a profile, and chat with employers within the app itself.

Curious what a good CV for a Customer Service or Administrative Assistant looks like? Explore these Resume templates and Cover Letter samples.

Visit FastJobs.


Glassdoor Singapore

Most experienced working professionals should be familiar with Glassdoor – it’s a global site that’s probably better known for its company reviews, but it does offer a range of job listings too.

What we like about Glassdoor:

  • Comprehensive range of jobs across job levels and industry sectors.
  • No holds barred company reviews. As submissions are entirely anonymous, employees and former employees tend to leave frank, unfiltered opinions and feedback on companies’ work culture, compensation and benefits, management, career progression, and more.
  • The interviews section is a goldmine for helpful interview tips, specific to companies. Job seekers share their interview experiences, difficulty of scoring an interview, and even specific interview questions here.

P.S. We have some handy interview tips and FAQs on how to answer the most common interview questions here too.

Visit Glassdoor.



InternSG is probably the top job portal for anyone seeking internship experience in Singapore. This doesn’t mean it’s just for students or fresh graduates though! We’ve spotted part-time, freelance and remote roles on the site too.

What we like about InternSG:

  • Listings page is easy to browse, and each listing is conveniently tagged by location, type of role, duration and start period – details you can take in at a glance.
  • Huge variety of short-term and flexible duration job listings. Ideal no just for freshers, but for job seekers who are re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, learning a new profession, or seeking non-permanent employment.

Visit InternSG.

Are you a university student, pursuing your very first internship? Here’s a sample university student Resume that could help.


JobsDB Singapore

Featuring over 100,000 jobs at any one time, JobsDB has a virtual presence across regional borders, in countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

If you’re interested in job positions in these markets, this is the job search site for you.

What we like about JobDB:

  • Its interface is clean, highly intuitive and user-friendly too! You can easily browse jobs by industry sectors, and even by location in specific regions within Singapore.
  • Substantial range of roles. JobsDB functions as a search engine for jobs, pulling job listings from many job sites in Singapore. In Singapore, JobsDB partners with JobStreet to offer even more job opportunities.
  • You can set up daily email alerts to stay updated when new relevant jobs emerge.

Visit JobsDB


JobStreet Singapore

Like JobsDB, JobStreet offers a huge database of full-time positions under different categories based on individual specialisations.

JobStreet is relatively easy to navigate. Just create a profile and upload your resume to apply for jobs directly via the site.

What we like about JobStreet:

  • You can browse jobs by your industry specialisation, or specific company names
  • When filtering jobs, you can even drill down to position levels and minimum salaries!
  • It has a company review section too. There, employees dish in detail on the pros and cons of various aspects such as work life balance, team culture, management, and career growth opportunities – certainly useful for job seekers!

Visit JobStreet


LinkedIn Job Search

Here’s one we preach about all the time, but is STILL sorely under utilised by job seekers!

LinkedIn’s not just a career-related social networking site; it’s also your best job search tool, especially for mid to senior level candidates.

Recruiters and employers know that LinkedIn is the place to identify legitimate and qualified professionals.

In fact, 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates!

What we like about LinkedIn:

  • Fuss free job application process. Once you’ve spotted a job listing you like, applying is straightforward (provided your LinkedIn profile is already up-to-date). Just hit that Easy Apply button.
  • You can easily connect with recruiters and headhunters. With LinkedIn, this process has never been simpler. We’ve seen countless clients get approached by recruiters on LinkedIn within days of updating their profiles! You can also proactively reach out to recruiters. Find recruiters specialised in your field on our headhunters’ list.
  • LinkedIn groups can be a great career resource. In certain groups, users share job search tips and employment opportunities within specific markets and industries. You can also interact with professionals like yourself, who work in the same field or have similar professional interests.

Are you currently on LinkedIn?

Even if you’re not actively job hunting right now, we recommend keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. You never know when the right opportunity will knock on your door 🙂

Read our article to learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Visit LinkedIn

Foundit Singapore (formally Monster)

Foundit Singapore

This global job site’s been around for a while now, and has expanded its services, going beyond its roots as a job board to provide other career management services.

As it’s an international job portal, you can easily explore listings of jobs across the world with Foundit Singapore.

What we like about Foundit Singapore

  • Huge variety of job listings, which can be sorted by function, industry, company, skills. You can even search for jobs specifically for women.
  • There’s a new Work From Home job section on their site. Perfect for those of us who’ve recently discovered a love for working from the comforts of home, thanks to the workplace disruption caused by COVID-19.
  • You can post your resume online, and sign up for job alerts too.

Visit Foundit Singapore

MyCareersFuture (formerly Jobs Bank)


MyCareersFuture is a government agency run job portal, developed by Workforce Singapore, in partnership with Government Technology Agency. You might know it by its previous name – Jobs Bank.

This portal lists jobs for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, and aims to match job seekers with relevant jobs based on their skills and competencies.

It also highlights jobs that are eligible for Government support through WSG’s Adapt and Grow Initiative.

What we like about MyCareersFuture:

  • Apart from the very comprehensive listings it offers across industries, locations, job types and levels, you can filter jobs by skills to find relevant positions that match your competencies!
  • It indicates which jobs are supported by government schemes or funding – for example, if you’ve been out of work for 6 months or more, you could benefit from the Career Support Programme, where salary subsidies are given to employers who hire eligible candidates.
  • There’s also career-related content on MyCareersFuture, through their Career Toolkit, to help you with your career planning process.

Visit MyCareersFuture

If you’re a Singaporean or PR, you could also benefit from additional government job support schemes and resources.

StartUp Jobs Asia

StartUp Jobs Asia

Want to dive into the startup world? StartUp Jobs Asia has a comprehensive list of startup job opportunities across the region.

What we like about StartUp Jobs Asia:

  • Since it’s startup centric, their available roles are typically heavier on tech, and more niche, such as full-stack developer, data engineer or hardware systems administrator jobs. But they do cover business and operations related roles as well.

Visit StartUp Jobs Asia


An emerging job platform catered to millennials, TalentTribe offers comprehensive career resources too. As they target younger job seekers, they typically list roles that require 0 to 4 years of experience.

What we like about TalentTribe:

  • If you’re wondering what it’s really like to work at certain companies in Singapore, TalentTribe has done the research for you. They give you an insider look at company culture, venturing into offices, walking you through employees’ typical work day, and more.
  • Useful career hub with articles imparting advice on life, school and career.
  • Great variety of roles from small companies to international MNCs, and across industry sectors.

Visit TalentTribe

Are you a fresh graduate taking your first few steps into the working world? Check out this fresh graduate resume sample to see how you can best position yourself to employers.

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is known as a leading tech news site across the region, covering all things tech and start up from every angle.

But it also has its own job page that lists roles in various Asian markets.

What we like about Tech in Asia:

  • As its name suggests, Tech in Asia lists tech job opportunities across Asia. Their job postings aren’t strictly for tech roles though; there are business, marketing, design roles and so on, albeit at companies with a tech focus.
  • Most of these jobs are concentrated in markets like Singapore, Indonesia and India, but there are a healthy number of well-paying remote roles too! Have dreams of becoming a digital nomad? Perhaps there’s something here for you.

Visit Tech in Asia

Technology is a vast and fast-growing field. Interested in a job in tech? Browse these tech companies in Singapore to start planning. Or if you’re interested, find out how you can explore a career in hot roles such as that of a software engineer.


Wanted Singapore

Wanted deserves a mention on this list for its unique referral programme.

Spot a job you think your friend might be interested in? Sign up and refer them!

Or if it’s a role you are interested in, you can apply for the job too.

Either way, successful applicants and referrers can earn up to S$1,700 as a reward.

What we like about Wanted:

  • Their awesome referral programme.
  • Wide range of jobs across MNCs, smaller companies and startups, and industry sectors, including more niche industries such as Game Production.
  • Wanted also offers a job matching service called MatchUp, which matches your profile to relevant jobs and employers. If you’re gunning for regional roles, MatchUp could give your job search a boost. Right now, it’s available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Visit Wanted deserves a mention on this list as it has the best-in-class HRTech jobs in Singapore with roles in top blue-chip companies.

This specialised platform helps job-seekers find exactly what they need without looking beyond it during their career search.

What we like about

  • They provide diverse catalogue of courses & training programs.
  • An extensive hub of innovative HRTech tools, services, and solutions.
  • Offers top, featured companies that are trustable and relevant to your job scope.



One of Asia’s fastest-growing employment platforms, Snaphunt helps employers locate and hire the best people globally while assisting job seekers in advancing their careers by connecting them with top employers in Singapore and worldwide.

When you create a Snaphunt profile, you will receive job matches compatible with your tastes and experience.

Jobseekers can also access free career information and tools on Snaphunt, including a CV and video resume creator, psychometric testing, and more.

What we like about Snaphunt:

  • Provides access to targeted global talent, tailored across regions, time zones, and industries.
  • Uses a cutting-edge screening process ensuring you get the best options and most accurate information needed.
  • Has a simple and user-friendly interface ensuring a great user experience.

Visit Snaphunt


GradSingapore connect students and graduates in Singapore with the right opportunities to make them more productive and successful.

They believe that by putting students’ needs first, they ensure they meet employers’ hiring needs too!

What we like about GradSingapore:

  • Singapore’s top source for graduate job and internship openings from the best firms in the country, from freshmen to those in their final year. 
  • Provides professional career counselling and unique insider knowledge on how to get hired.
  • Has partnerships with universities, polytechnics, and student associations across Singapore to impact more than 139,000 local students and graduates annually. 
  • With almost 30 years of experience assisting students and graduates around the UK, Europe, and Asia, Gradsingapore is a part of GTI Media, the world’s largest graduate jobs media group.

Visit GradSingapore


WorkClass is Singapore’s top hiring portal for restaurants, hotels, retail, deliveries, warehousing positions, and other industries.

It is a rapidly developing recruitment startup currently growing outside of Singapore.

What we like about WorkClass:

  • They promise to assist job searchers in finding their perfect positions within 24 hours, whether it’s an internship, part-time work, or a full-time one.
  • Easily accessible through a mobile app for both iOS and Android users.
  • Backed by some of the best investors including 500 Startups, Goodwater Capital, Antler and Kistefos and we have been featured on Business Times, CNA, and many more.
  • Uses a top class job matching algorithms.

Visit WorkClass


With more than 250 million visitors every month, Indeed is an industry-leading job portal in Singapore.

In effect, they put job seekers first by giving them free access to search through jobs, post their resumes and research company profiles.

What we like about Indeed:

  • Well-designed with lots of features for both employers and job seekers.
  • Indeed offers job alerts and all job seekers have the opportunity to take skills assessments.
  • Job postings are simple to navigate, allowing a one-click application.

Visit Indeed

Complete List of Job Search Sites in Singapore

Here, we’ve listed all job sites in Singapore, across every industry sector and niche, covering full-time, part-time, freelance, contract roles, and more!

That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But, there’s many other job portals that you can check out, as well as recruitment agencies.

If you’re uncertain where to start, begin with our recommendations for the top job portals in Singapore, before you run through this list of job search sites in detail.

Largest Job Sites

These job boards are known as the largest in the country, and they’re a great place to start your job search.

Startup Job Sites

These startup job boards may help you find more suitable jobs if you’re looking for something very specific.

Recommended Niche Job Portals

When it comes to finding a new job within a certain niche, you may want to check out these job platforms.

Smaller Job Portals

For those looking for a full time job as soon as possible, you may also want to look at these smaller job boards too.

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