Jobs That Will Soon Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence


Job elimination by artificial intelligence is a real thing—whether it is good or bad is a bit of a different story. As you focus on gaining success in your industry, you may likely see automation in the workplace as a threat.

However, when automation strikes, the jobs that are taken are generally jobs that are outdated and unnecessary. Technically, this job loss is for the best.


Replacing Jobs and Raising the Bar

While artificial intelligence may eliminate very real livelihoods of some people, it is important to understand this elimination for the job market as a whole.

Jobs in the past that have bitten the bullet thanks to technology were jobs that would have faded away with time anyway. In today’s words, there are jobs that will be replaced with automation.



Telemarketers have already had their jobs taken by robots for the most part. Machines are essentially the ideal telemarketers, as the role doesn’t require high standards for emotional, social, or mental intelligence.

Telemarketing already has low conversion rates when it comes to making sales. When you add a human being into the mix, the telemarketing industry loses a significant amount of productivity. With automation, this industry will be at its most efficient.


Bookkeeping Clerks

The role of the bookkeeper has been declining for some time. With the popular software that companies use like FreshBooks, Quickbooks, Microsoft, and more, give companies a reason to not hire an actual person as a bookkeeper.

Additionally, getting rid of the bookkeeping industry is entirely more cost effective. This type of software is a lot more affordable than having to actually pay someone a salary.


Benefits and Compensation Managers

Without the use of software or technology, companies that grow in size will have a hard time processing and keeping up with compensation and benefits of its employees.

Using automation to determine the benefits and compensation of employees is much more accurate, as well as the most cost effective solution. Software is already created to replace a lot of the trivial roles in the payroll department, and it eliminates the human error in all the processes.



The age old job of receptionist may finally meet its match in the face of automation. In offices, software is already being put to work scheduling appointments, answering phones, and nearly anything else a human receptionist would do.

As artificially intelligent robots become more prevalent in the workplaces, these machines may even greet you at the door.



Couriers are likely to be replaced by robots or drones. As drones are just starting to gain attention with the general population, people will start utilizing them as errand boys.

Once the technology is sophisticated enough to where robots are readily available, you may have to say goodbye to apps like UberEats and Postmates for good.



Even in this day and age, people do get paid to proofread. However, with the rise of proofreading software, companies are turning to artificial intelligence for their editing needs.

In today’s world, this can be the spell check on word, the Grammarly app or even Copyscape. When it comes to making sure content is free of flaws, it only makes sense to turn to a machine.


IT and Support Specialists

While the Internet has birthed its own industry and new positions, the world wide web is making the need for support specialists unnecessary.

Almost anything and everything can be found on the Internet, including how to fix any of your IT problems.

Individual users will often resort to searching for their own solutions, while many companies will replace these positions with automated bots to deal with any support issues.


Market Research Analysts

Research analysts are the backbone of the marketing world.

These analysts help to develop products, content, and messaging for their businesses. However, with automation and new software, businesses can handle market research without spending extra money on someone’s salary.

Many businesses are already employing slack robots to do this kind of work for them.


Advertising Salespeople

Advertising in print has taken a backseat to social media and Internet advertisements.

When it comes to the position of advertising salesperson, there really is no market.

People are rarely buying ad space for print these days, and when they do, they are likely to use an application program interface to place the ad themselves.


Retail Workers

In today’s world, the retail industry is predominantly taken care of on the Internet.

For customers that do still frequent shopping malls, it is likely that they will see automation in action. Many stores today offer self-checkout, eliminating the need for any person-to-person interaction.



While all of these industries will not be eliminated overnight, they certainly stand to see a major shift when automation is put into place.

If you happen to work in one of these industries, take some time to understand just how significantly automation stands to impact your life.

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