10 Best Work From Home Jobs in Singapore

March 04, 2023

COVID-19 has changed how we work. More of us work from home (WFH) these days, and many of us are loving this new arrangement.

Even after the WFH mandate eventually lifts, a staggering 9 in 10 Singaporeans said they would want to continue working from home to some degree.

And why not?

As many have realised, there are significant benefits to WFH.

You don’t waste time commuting and dressing up. Your work hours are more flexible. You save money on office clothing, eating out and transport.

For some, WFH is a dream come true.

The Circuit Breaker has proven that it IS possible for many businesses to operate almost entirely remotely, and hence for Singapore employees to work from home full-time too.

Of course, certain types of jobs are better suited for WFH than others – typically those that can be done completely online, whether that’s on a part time, full time or freelance basis.

The flexibility of these remote jobs makes them perfect for stay-at-home moms, and suitable for side hustles too.

We’ve put together a list of the best home based jobs in Singapore. Explore them here:

Best Work from Home (WFH) Jobs in Singapore

Though there is no one best job for those working at home from Singapore, there are some jobs that are better than others. 9 of the best options for working from home are;

Some of these roles need some experience and training, whilst others can be great options for those with little to no experience. Let’s check them out in more detail.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual content that inspires, informs and captivates consumers. They might work across a variety of mediums, such as traditional print media, online or even on physical billboards and signs.

Depending on the context, you could say these artistic types are essential – essential partners in marketing, and essential in bringing brand and product stories to life.

How much do Graphic Designers Earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$10 to S$28
  • Project-based Pay: Depends on scale of project. You could charge a few hundred for a simple logo design or website refresh, up to thousands for large scale projects, or if you’re on say a monthly retainer.

What are the Essential Skills for a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designers are:

  • Creative and Innovative thinkers
  • Have a keen eye for detail
  • Excellent at Time Management
  • Proficient at using technical industry tools including Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD and Wacom tablets.

Web Developer

Web developers design, code and modify websites. They’re responsible for creating visually appealing sites that are functional and user-friendly, according to clients’ requirements.

After the website is created, they may assist with maintenance and upkeep of the site, installing technical updates and resolving IT issues that may surface.

How much do Web Developers earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$8 – S$63
  • Average Salary: S$36,000

What are the Essential Skills for a Freelance Web Developer?

Web Developers are:

  • Fluent in a variety of web development languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, together with their frameworks (Bootstrap, Vue.JS etc.)
  • Familiar with Version Control systems like Git
  • Highly focused on User Experience and User Needs
  • Structured thinkers and able to break a complex problem down into smaller parts
  • Meticulous and detail-oriented
  • Creative and Innovative thinkers
  • Excellent at Time Management

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Digital Marketer / Social Media Marketer

Digital marketers amplify brands’ digital and social presence, and are typically competent in a wide range of marketing skills. These include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), e-commerce, content strategy, social media strategy, and various analytical tools to track performance of marketing initiatives.

How much do Digital Marketers / Social Media Marketers earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$20
  • Average Salary: S$24k – S$59k

What are the Essential Skills for a Digital Marketer / Social Media Marketer?

Digital Marketers are:

  • Fluent in multiple digital marketing tools and technical software, including Ahrefs/SEMRush/Moz, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, HubSpot, Marketo etc.
  • Familiar with graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and even Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Highly results-driven and achievement-oriented
  • Meticulous with a sharp eye for detail
  • Keen eye for aesthetics and understanding of User Experience
  • Ability to multitask and manage separate projects

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Writers, copywriters and editors bring stories to life. They shape meaning and create impact with words. Copywriters grab attention with their words and draw readers into narratives, influencing consumer attitudes, behaviours, and purchase decisions. Editors give writers’ and copywriters’ work a second pair of eyes, enhancing their quality, accuracy and clarity.

How much do Writer/Editor/Copywriters earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$20 – S$21.20
  • Average Salary: S$3k – S$99k

What are the Essential Skills for a Writer/Editor/Copywriter?

Writers, Editors and Copywriters are:

  • Meticulous and detail-oriented
  • Persuasive and convincing
  • Highly imaginative and creative
  • Structured thinkers and able to break a complex problem down into smaller parts
  • Flexible in altering their written style to various tones and voices to meet different purposes
  • Familiar with a wide range of writing techniques and authors

ResumeWriter Tip: Curious about what a Writer’s CV looks like? Here’s a Writer CV Sample.

Recruitment Consultants

Also known as recruiters, recruitment consultants act as a bridge connecting qualified candidates to employers.

They help weed out the most suitable candidates for a specific role. Freelance recruitment consultants are typically attached with a recruitment agency, and earn a commission for every successful placement.

How much do Recruitment Consultants earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$13

What are the Essential Skills for a Recruitment Consultant?

Recruitment Consultants are:

  • Excellent salespeople
  • Meticulous
  • Have acute attention-to-detail
  • Achievement-oriented and Results-driven
  • Skilled at communication and negotiation


Telemarketers are cold-call experts who possess the gift of the gab. They are salespeople who influence people to buy products or services over the phone. Telemarketers only need a phone, computer and Internet access to work, making this an ideal home based job for skilled communicators.

How much do Telemarketers earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$8.75

What are the Essential Skills for a Telemarketer?

Telemarketers are:

  • Outgoing and Extroverted
  • Persuasive
  • Skilled communicators
  • Determined and Persistent

Customer Service / Call Center Staff

Customer service and telemarketer roles involve speaking to customers on the phone, but the two job functions are vastly different. Call center staff typically attend to inbound customer service queries and resolve client concerns. They are customers’ first point of contact, and act as the bridge between the client and the companies’ internal teams.

How much do Customer Service / Call Center Staff earn?

  • Average Salary: S$16,250

What are the Essential Skills for Customer Service / Call Center Staff?

Customer Service / Call Center Staff are:

  • Patient
  • Resourceful
  • Detail-oriented
  • Active listeners
  • Skilled communicators
  • Customer-oriented
  • Knowledgeable about basic product functions

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Online Tutor

As more tuition centers shift their operations online due to Circuit Breaker measures, online tutors are becoming more popular home based jobs in Singapore. Online tutors conduct 1-to-1 and small group tuition classes by live-streaming their lessons with their students. Outside of lessons, tutors spend time drawing up lesson plans, marking students’ homework and brainstorming engaging methods for students to learn better. Online tutors have the flexibility to schedule multiple lessons into the same day, earning more income.

How much do Online Tutors earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$45
  • Average Salary: S$44,555

What are the Essential Skills for Online Tutors?

Online Tutors are:

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable in their subject field
  • Ideally degree-holders with prior tutoring experience
  • Skilled communicators
  • Familiar with newest syllabi

Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant

Administrative assistants are essential in supporting operations in every organisation. They handle a wide variety of activities, including answering telephone calls, organising files and performing data entry. Being an administrative assistant isn’t purely a data entry work from home job though; admin assistants may also take on personal assistant functions, such as helping business leaders manage their calendars and schedule daily tasks. Most of these functions can be performed online, making this role an ideal work from home job in Singapore.

How much do Administrative Assistants earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$8.25
  • Average Salary: S$24,066

What are the Essential Skills for an Administrative Assistant?

Administrative Assistants are:

  • Meticulous
  • Detail-oriented
  • Skilled communicators
  • Excellent at Time Management
  • Multitaskers
  • Proficient at Microsoft Office and basic technological software

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Care Professional

Care Professionals play a critical role in delivering care to families and care recipients. Examples of care include supporting individuals with activities of daily living such as companionship, showering, meal preparation and medication reminders at their homes and help to improve their quality of life.

Care providers in Singapore like Homage welcome caregivers and licensed nurses to become Care Professionals.

How much do Care Professionals earn?

  • Hourly Rate: S$17 for Caregivers and S$21 for Nurses.

What are the Essential Skills for a Care Professional?

Care Professionals are:

  • Tenacious
  • Meticulous
  • Punctual
  • Patient
  • Great Communicators

Other critical skills Care Professionals require include:

  • CPR Training
  • Caregiving Training

Homage Nurses in Singapore require additional certifications:

  • 2 years of hospital ward experience
  • Valid Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) license
  • Valid Basic Cardiac Life Support + Automated External Defibrillator (BCLS + AED) certificate


With COVID-19 expediting the transition to remote work, more roles might turn into work from home jobs – permanently.

But for now, these are the most popular work from home jobs in Singapore.

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