IT Resume Samples and Templates- Singapore Style


Yes, an IT Resume is different from conventional resumes.

And yes, we have some IT resume samples that you can see. But first, a quick discussion

Why IT Resumes are Different

IT resumes slightly differ from resumes of other fields because the former needs to showcase both technical and managerial skills of the individual.

To write a strong IT resume, you will need to put extra attention to detail and firm descriptions, especially since you need to highlight your technical skills, programming abilities, and software knowledge — things that aren’t present in a non-IT resume.

Tips in Creating IT Resume

1. Follow These IT Resume Samples Created by Our Team

Here are some sample resumes by ResumeWriter.SG

Samples of Our Work:

The above resumes contain all the main sections as advocated by the Workforce Development Authority of Singapore.

2. Utilise A Technical Skills Table

Do include a brief table providing an overview of your technical skills. For more junior roles, be sure to include this at the top of your resume.

When applying for senior roles, team leadership and managerial skills have greater emphasis. As such, shift your technical skills table to the rear of the resume, just after the section on your education.

For a clearer understanding, compare our sample resumes above.

3. Include A Section On “Selection Of Projects”

As an IT professional, you have probably been involved in multiple projects. Oftentimes, these projects differ slightly from your general workscope or have lengthy explanations behind them. As such, it is important to break up these projects and present them neatly.

In our attached samples, you will notice we have a separate section under each workscope titled “Selection of Projects”

As the title suggests, these are merely a selection. It is not a full list of all your completed projects.

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